5 reasons why Seychelles should be your next travel destination

While living our everyday life in a hurry and under a lot of stress, we all dream of a fully relaxing vacation – ideally in a real heaven on Earth. Which places come to your mind when you think of a paradise? We have one very strong suggestion for you – Seychelles. Why there? There are literally millions of good reasons – let us provide you with the top 5 of them!

1. The most wonderful beaches in the world

If throughout the year you cannot stop thinking about the fine white sand and astonishingly blue water, you should definitely spend your next vacation on Seychelles, cruising from one of the world’s best beaches to another. Yes, you’ve heard that one right – five out of ten beaches ranked as the most beautiful on the globe are located in Seychelles. The best part? Most of them are partially wild and therefore – not at all crowded. Pack the bikini!

2. There’s no such thing as bad weather

Yeah, we know this phrase is usually used to make the cold days seem less awful, but this is certainly not the case here. In Seychelles the weather is truly lovely all year round. The temperature always oscillates around 30 degrees, sometimes slightly higher or slightly lower, but if you hope to recharge your body and soul, you definitely won’t be disappointed. During some seasons there is a lot more rain, but it can be amazingly beautiful to observe it among the stunning wild nature.

3. Unique Creole food

For many people discovering the local cuisine and its unique tastes is the most exciting part of every journey. If you’re one of them, you’ll feel truly blessed in Seychelles! No matter if you’re more into street food or fancy restaurants, Creole food will easily win your heart. Try an octopus curry, a coconut nougat or – if you are brave enough – dishes based on meat of a… fruit bat!

4. Stunning fauna and flora

Those who trully enjoy getting to know Mother Nature better, especially in her most vulnerable spots, will really appreciate the Seychellois holiday. While cruising in Seychelles, you can meet over 60 animal species that have been designated as endangered. The most interesting of them live, obviously, in the sea, such as the hawksbill, green turtles or Aldabra giant tortoises. The natural diversity and richness of Seychelles is truly exceptional – you need to see it on your own!

5. Amazing UNESCO Heritage Sites

Seychelles are home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Vallee de May located on Praslin Island is one-of-a-kind, well-preserved ancient palm forest of many endemic species that can be only observed there. Meanwhile, the Aldabra Atoll comprised of four coral islands and surrounded by a coral reef is a real treasure, definitely not easy to reach but totally worth it. Since for centuries it was hard for people to settle there and change the character of the islands, the atoll holds world’s biggest population of giant tortoises – almost 152,000 of them. Can you imagine?! Board on a yacht and be there in no time!