What to take with you for your summer yacht holiday?

While most of us really enjoy going on holiday, traveling and exploring new places or cultures, packing seems to be a real mood killer for many people. Indeed, it can be pretty stressful – especially when we’re going to visit a completely new place or if we’re about to try a way of traveling that we’re not really familiar with. Even if you’re really excited about taking off on your very first yacht cruise, it’s normal to feel a little lost when it comes to packing properly… But don’t worry! Here’s our little guide on yacht holiday essentials!


A suitcase or a bag?

Even if it seems like a meaningless detail, on the cruise holiday it actually matters how you transport your affairs. It is generally recommended to use soft-sided luggage, such as a duffle bag or a backpack because it’s easier to fit it in closets and cabinets of the yacht.



You may not be aware of this, but on the yacht, your skin is definitely more exposed to the sunlight than usually on the land. Therefore, it is very important to protect it from the dangerous and painful sunburns. Try to choose waterproof sunblock cosmetics with a high SPF filter, but preferably without oil – it may stain the fabric or wood on board. Special sunblock lip balm can also be quite helpful. Other useful accessories that you may want to have with you are sunglasses and a hat.



When it comes to cosmetics, opt for the travel-sized ones and… try to limit the amount of stuff to the minimum. You won’t really need the makeup or perfect hair-do in the middle of the sea. There’s also no need for the hairdryer – your hair will get dry in no time. A good light conditioner, though, may help it stay fit despite the sun and seawater.



Again – don’t exaggerate with the quantity and take mostly comfortable summer clothes with you: a couple pairs of shorts, some T-shirts, light raincoat and of course a swimsuit. As for shoes, it is convenient to have special water shoes as well as a pair of street shoes.


All the necessary documents

To keep a clear mind and not stress about anything, it is really important to have all your important documents, such as passports and licenses, always on you. A waterproof security pouch for all your papers that you can hide under your shirt is a recommended solution. Before heading out on your holiday, remember also to make copies of the documents and keep them in your suite, just in case.



If you have a prescribed medication or other medicine for some medical conditions that you know may occur during the trip, take it with you as well, visibly marked with your name – and be sure to inform a yacht crew about that. Seasickness pills should also find their place in your bag if you tend to get seasick.


Last but not least – remember to leave everyday problems aside and take some good mood with you! You’ll have a blast!