Discovering the Elephant Island: Best places to see on Koh Chang

Beautiful Thai islands have lately become one of the most popular yacht cruise destinations in the whole world. No wonder – their magnificent landscapes, paradisiac sandy beaches along with the numerous interesting sightseeing spots can easily seduce even the most demanding travellers. Koh Chang, the second biggest of Thailand’s isles, seems to be particularly appreciated by cruise lovers.

Planning to spend a few days on Koh Chang during your next yacht holiday? What a great choice! To make the most out of your stay on the famous Elephant Island, let us guide you to some wonderful places you simply cannot miss…


The viewpoint of Mu Koh Chang National Park


Along with 51 smaller islands, Koh Chang is the part of the picturesque marine national park. If you would like to admire it in all its glory, it is highly recommended to visit the Mu Koh Chang National Park View Point, situated in the north of the island. You can hop off your boat at the splendid White Sands Beach and organize your trip uphill from there. The panorama of the whole archipelago will surely take your breath away – especially if you decide to visit this place at sunset… Hands down one of the Koh Chang must-visit spots.


Klong Plu waterfall

Going deeper into the Mu Koh Chang National Park, closer to the centre of the island, you should definitely check out the spectacular Klong Plu waterfall. Hidden between the monumental stone walls in the middle of the forest, it attracts many tourists, both local and foreign, who prefer a little bit of hiking for a change to resting on the beach. It is easily accessible from the main road – the route isn’t too long nor very steep, although in some places it may get quite slippery, so be careful! There is a special place where you can swim with the colourful fishes and if you still have energy for a longer hike, it is possible to reach the surroundings of high waters for some amazing views.


Kai Bae Beach

If you are in the mood for sweet and sacred laziness in the actual tropical paradise, sailing to the magnificent Kai Bae beach seems like a great idea. Clear turquoise waters, golden sands, juicy green palm trees as well as the majestic mountain ranges surrounding Kai Bae look just like a dream come true. You can pass the time in the hammock or on the swing hanging from the tree, or playing in the sand, or swimming in warm waters…


Lonely Beach

Looking for something more lively? Go a little bit more to the south and check out a lovely yet a little bit misleading (when it comes to its name) Lonely Beach. Even though you may have believed it’s a secluded location for peace-and-quiet preachers, it is actually exactly the opposite. Lonely Beach is famous for being a party-lovers hub – with numerous open air bars, pubs and clubs it practically never sleeps. If you agree that a little party never killed nobody, you will definitely have fun here.

And that’s just the beginning… Sail your yacht to Koh Chang to explore more of its treasures!