Exclusive yacht holiday: not only for celebrities!

Exclusive yacht holiday: not only for celebrities!

In pop culture, yacht cruising is portrayed as very elite and accessible only for those rich and famous. We see it in the newspapers, on Instagram or on gossip websites so often that most of us kind of got used to the thought that it’s something ultra-expensive, super snobbish and not doable for „normal” people. It may have been true some years ago, but right now you couldn’t be more wrong. Yacht cruises are not just about spending lots of money and partying till the dawn in the middle of the sea. Check out why is it a holiday option worth considering also for you!

Ultimate relaxing holiday

How many times have you wanted to leave everything behind for a while and escape somewhere where your tasks, duties and problems can’t reach you? A pretty handful, we assume? Well, there’s really no better getaway than a yacht cruise in wonderful surroundings. A few days in the middle of the sea with just some people whose company you really enjoy, facing the peace and quiet of the ocean and discovering places that you have always dreamt of… Everybody deserves a treat like this sometimes. The yacht cruise will help you calm down and recharge your mental and physical batteries.

Change of perspective

As we already mentioned, the pop cultural picture of yacht cruises doesn’t have much to do with sightseeing and exploring – it focuses mostly on parties with lots of alcohol and very little sleep. In real life, the way your cruise would look like depends just on you and your needs. Sure, you can stick to the partying – but that’s just one option. Most of the people decide to spend their yacht holidays differently and use the unique possibility to reach some breathtakingly beautiful places that are easily accessible only by the sea. Example? Secluded, paradisiac beaches on Seychelles – if you want to discover them for yourself, there’s basically no other way to do it but by the yacht.

Constantly moving

Another big advantage of yacht cruising is the fact that – for roughly the same price – you can discover so much more during your sailing then during the all-inclusive hotel stay in one place. The yacht holiday is, by definition, a great journey: you change the place almost every day, you have an opportunity to hop on and off in the places that you fancy, you can stay longer in your chosen places and skip the ones you don’t enjoy so much… This kind of freedom and mobility is a great value for many travellers and it’s really important while visiting places such as Thailand or Seychelles where every region and every island has something else to offer. It would be such a shame to miss it out, wouldn’t it?

Sounds tempting? Then leave behind the toxic thought of cruising being celebrities’ exclusive treat and start planning your next holiday on the seven seas! Ahoy, captain!