Top 10: Best beaches in Seychelles – check them out!

Did you know that five out of ten beaches rated as the best in the world are located on the various islands of Seychelles? And even the ones that didn’t make it to the world’s best list are still absolutely fabulous… We proudly present you our types for the top 10 best beaches in Seychelles to help you create a beautiful route for your cruise!

1. Anse Source d’Argent

Let’s start with a strong entry – Anse Source d’Argent situated on La Digue island got the title of the most beautiful beach ever photographed in the world. The sand is incredibly white and soft, the water – clear turqoise and the whole area naturally decorated with majestic granit boulders.

2. Anse Cocos

Not very far away from the Anse Source d’Argent you can find an equally pretty spot – and way less crowded. Anse Cocos is hidden on the eastern coast of La Digue island and watching it from the boat perspective seems like the best way possible. Pretty secluded and very calm, it seems perfect for silence seekers.

3. Grande Anse

The last but not least candidate from La Digue island is Grande Anse beach, located at the southeast coast of the island and surrounded by a forest of huge casuarina trees. It is one of the most sunny beaches in the whole archipelago of Seychelles with an exceptionally calm and serene ambience.

4. Anse Lazio

Another beach mentioned on the list of the most beautiful ones in the world is the astonishing Anse Lazio located in the northern coast of Praslin island. It’s a dream destination for both snorkeling and suntanning lovers due to its large and wide stretch of perfectly white soft sand and incredibly clear turquoise waters.

5. Anse Georgette

Another precious gem in Praslin island crown is Anse Georgette, situated on its northwestern coast. Since technically it belongs to the luxurious Lemuria Resort, the best way to reach it is during your yacht cruise from the sea. Think of planning some snorkeling in this magnificent bay!

6. Beau Vallon

Being the Seychelles’ longest beach, Beau Vallon located on the northwestern coast of Mahe island is also one of the calmest spots in the archipelago. Wide and covered with soft sand, Beau Vallon beach is also one of the best place to practice water sports.

7. Anse Intendance

Dreaming of practicing some surfing in the surroundings of the wild jungle? Anse Intendance at the very south of Mahe island is the spot to make this dream come true. Palm trees, extremely white sands and waves larger than anywhere else in Seychelles – guaranteed!

8. Petite Anse

A small but marvellous sandy Petite Anse beach hidden between two granite cliffs is located at the Mahe island’s west coast and managed by deluxe Four Seasons Resort. Therefore, reaching it by yacht seems like a great idea. Reserve some time for swimming there because it’s totally worth it!

9. Anse Louis

Another lovely spot of western Mahe island is Anse Louis beach with an unique dark brown granite cliff and a tropical jungle. It’s a surprisingly secluded place, perfect for everyone who prefers serene and calm places to crowded guide-recommended beaches.

10. Anse d’Est

If you want to see Seychelles’ most exclusive treasure, sail your yacht far to the North island and visit its luxurious hidden beach: Anse d’Est beach. It will seduce you with gleaming, soft white sands and the intimacy of the private island. Are you brave enough for that?

Which of the Seychelles best beaches tempts you the most?