Would you like to taste the adventure of the Middle East and go around the dunes of Omani deserts or visit the Sultan's Palace in Muskat? Or would you rather make friends with dolphins and see the marvelous world hidden underwater? No matter what your choice will be, Oman will welcome you with open arms!

Oman is a beautiful, exotic country which will surprise you with abundance of landscapes, great cuisine and hospitality of the citizens. Three geographic characteristics distinguishing Oman are rocky terrains, extensive deserts and gorgeous long beaches. Owing to this diverse landscape it is a wonderful place, perfect for sailing and experiencing the adventure of a lifetime.

Ad Dimaniyat islands are full of spots perfect for snorkelling, fishing and admiring turtles. Maskat, the capital city of Oman, will charm you with its exotic climate and eastern architecture such as The grand mosque of Sultan Kabus Ibn-Said and Mosque of Mohammed Al Ameen.

Oman offers countless, wonderful experiences and only you can decide which of those will be the focus of your attention. You absolutely must to tell us what you want so we can create a special plan which will make sure your needs are met!

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