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Main islands:
  • Koh Chang
  • Ko Mak
  • Ko Kut
  • Phrao Nai
  • Ko Ngam
  • Layola Islands
  • Ko Phrao
  • Ko Khlum
  • Ko Wai
  • Ko Bai Dang
  • Ko Island
  • Ko Mai Si Yai
  • Ko Mai Si Lek
  • Ko Rang
  • Ko Tun
  • Ko Rayang Nai
  • Ko Rayang Nok
  • Ko Kradat
  • Ko Mai Si
Koh Samui

The Koh Samui Archipelago has a lot to offer with the ever so popular island of Koh Samui, the fast growing Koh Phangan, the underwater hot spot of Koh Tao and even a marine park, Mu Ko Ang Thong which covers 42 islands in a total area of 102 km², of which only 18 km² are land.

Koh Samui was originally a self-sufficient island growing coconuts and rubber trees with no roads until the 1970’s. The islands’ economy is now based primarily on a successful tourist industry.

Ko Pha Ngan has been a longtime favorite of past kings of Thailand and is now known for the world-renowned Full Moon Party which is a monthly dance music festival set on Haad Rin Nok Beach scheduled every month at full moon. Up the eastern coast are quieter beaches that make you fell like you’re still discovering something new.

Koh Tao is the scuba diving and snorkeling mecca of the area and Koh Nang Yuan islands which is easily one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Settle in and relax on your luxurious yacht as we take you on a journey off the beaten path… into the Koh Samui Archipelago and surrounding island groups to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Bophut to Koh Phangan

Just a few miles away, we will sail to Koh Phangan island. Get settled into your surroundings with a short trip to Koh Phangan and the funky Ao Hat Yaun Bay.

Enjoy a refreshing drink on the rocks at the Bamboo Hut overlooking the bay and your yacht. Or relax on the boat and enjoy the view of the shoreline with its funky bungalows nestled in the rocks.

Up to coast of Koh Phangan

Take the morning to explore the bay on kayak or SUP board along the rocky shoreline or indulge in a yoga class at the Sanctuary Resort.

Next it’s off to Than Sadet or Waterfall Bay where you can walk to the waterfall the Kings’ visited for years leaving behind the inscriptions on the rocks. We can stay here in this lovely bay for the night and gaze over the water from the cliff top resorts or carry on to the next big bay of Ao Thong Pan Yai and Ao Thong Pan Noi.

Ao Thong Pan Noi & Pan Yai

With the huge double bay of Ao Thong Pan Yai and Noi, there is plenty to discover with it’s many resorts and options for feating ahsore.

You can also hike the coast to Bottle Beach in the north or book an inland tour of the island. Just 14mn to the north is Sail Rock which is a prime
diving and snorkeling location for a levels and we can book you a day trip with a local dive shop.

Alternatively you can laze your day away at these beautiful relaxing beaches or paddle around the bay. Diving needs to be booked in advance.

Koh Ma & Bottle Beach

Today we will take you to Koh Ma which is a little snorkeling hot spot on the northwest tip of Koh Phangan.

On shore is the little village of Mae Haad which can be reached at low tide across the sandbar. From there we’ll head back to Bottle Beach with it’s
chilled out atmosphere and incredible white sand beach and prepare for the crossing to Koh Tao.

Koh Tao

Today we will cross the sea to the north and on to Koh Tao. First stop Shark Island for some snorkeling. Koh Tao is all about the underwater so be ready to get wet and become one with the marine life.

There are many options for scuba diving and snorkeling on Koh Tao and we will take you to the best known spots all around the island. Our base will be in Hin Wong Bay providing a safe anchorage for us. You can walk to the other side from here or take a short and wild taxi ride to the west coast town if you so choose.

Koh Tao Island

From Hin Wong Bay we can explore all around the coast and will stop by Mango Bay on the way to beautiful Nang Yuan Island with its incredible viewpoint and excellent snorkeling and diving for all experience levels.

Koh Tao is a very small island making it possible to see a lot of places in one day.

Angtong Marine Park

Angthong Marine Park is full of surprises. Although it’s not known for it’s snorkeling, there are a few spots that might be worth getting in the water for on our way in to the island chain.

Even without the underwater sports there is plenty do with the viewpoints, the walk to the lake and maybe a kayak through the islands, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy.

Angthong to Koh Samui

On our last day we will make our way back to the base at Bophut on Koh Samui.

There are plenty of shops to collect your souvenirs grab a quick meal before you head back to the airport or off to your next adventure.

Koh Samui

As we head south around Koh Samui we can find the more secluded beaches like the lovely Laem Nan in the southeast corner.

This a day to relax on the beautiful beach and soak up the best of Samui.

5 Islands

The last day we can circumnavigate the island and work our way through the little island chain on the southwestern side and through the island where the locals are still harvesting the bird nests for soup.


Have a leisurely morning aboard the boat gathering your gear and your memories. We’ll prepare a hearty breakfast to get you ready for reality as we sail back to the base in Bophut.
Koh Chang

The Koh Chang islands are very unique to the rest of Thailand in the sense that it’s not been over built…yet. With over 50 islands and it’s national parks, the area is quiet compared to the rest of the country.

We will visit the main islands of Koh Chang, Koh Wai, Koh Mak, Koh Rang and Koh Kut as well as some of the little islands around the archipelago. There are a few smaller islands we can visit (weather permitting) to get a taste of true serenity.

Most of your meals will be available onboard but we would like to share with you some of our favorite culinary hotspots around the islands.

Settle in and relax on your luxurious yacht as we take you on a journey off the beaten path… into the Koh Chang Archipelago and surrounding island groups to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Salakphet to Koh Wai

Just a few miles away, we will sail to Koh Wai island.

Get settled into your surroundings with a short sail to Koh Wai and it’s secluded anchorage. Enjoy a refreshing drink on deck and the sunset while your evening meal is being prepared.

Koh Wai to Koh Rang Archipelago

We’ll take the morning to explore Koh Wai’s lonely beaches before we head to Koh Rang National Marine Park after lunch.

Koh Rang has crystal clear waters and plentiful fish and corals in it’s protected Marine Park. Arriving after lunch allows more space and privacy in this popular spot.

By late afternoon this unique marine sanctuary will be uninhabited. You can snorkel from the boat around it’s many small islands or dinghy to the pinnacle just to the east and close enough to kayak or Stand-Up Paddle (SUP). A long white beach covers the southeast shoreline with trees for afternoon shaded lounging on the beach. Scuba Diving can be arranged in advance.

Koh Rang to Koh Mak

Spend the morning hours enjoying the islands of Koh Rang Marine Park to yourself. We will explore around the island to the west side islands and beaches before we sail for Koh Mak.

Koh Mak is a laid back lazy island that’s covered with rubber and coconut plantations. The island is mostly flat without traffic which makes it a nice place to discover on a bicycle, motorbike, or even a nice island walk up the only hill for stunning views of the bay and beautiful Koh Kham island. Koh Kham island is just off the north shore and an easy paddle, a long swim or a quick dinghy ride to the white sand beaches and sandspit.

Enjoy the sunset on the Cococape Pier and dinner ashore at the lovely thatched roof Seavana Resort and Day Beds Restaurant.

Koh Mak

Take a little more time exploring the islands of Koh Mak, Koh Kham and Koh Rayang Noi on the south side.

Koh Rayang Noi to the south, a private island with a small resort. Along the east side of Koh Mak there are plenty of fish and caves to explore for the more adventurous by snorkeling along the coast.

Koh Mak to Koh Kut

We will cross to the north of Koh Kut between Koh Maisi Lek, a private island with monks making local honey and an optional stop.

Koh Kut is the least developed island of the inhabited islands and is a real charmer with it’s flowing waterfalls and little rivers to navigate. Our first anchorage is in the north at Capatin Hook Resort with Bann Makok just up the river where fireflies gather at night. Just a little further up the river is a path to the Klong Yai Kee waterfall and swimming hole. The white sandy beach is inviting and the coastline is calling you for a paddle. You can snorkel off the beach or just offshore at Koh Raet island. You have the choice of dinner ashore or on your yacht.

Koh Kut Island

After a relaxing breakfast and lazy morning we move south to the Klong Chao area. There is a long sandy beach lined with Peter Pan themed resorts and swimming pools to laze the day away or you can navigate the river leading to a short path and easy walk to the beautiful Klong Chao waterfall.

You can take a dip in the refreshing cool water and let the falls massage your shoulders or dip your feet in the pool for the fish to nibble at your toes.

Back in town in the little village is the never disappointing Fisherman’s Hut restaurant for lunch.

In the afternoon we move a little further south to the quaint bay of Bang Bao with it’s white sand, protective cove and calm water. There is snorkeling on the outer points of the bay entrance.

Dinner onboard.

Koh Kut Southwestern Beaches

Today we explore the southwestern beaches of Koh Kut with it’s stretches of white sand and just a few resorts nestled in the trees.

There’s a river to explore leading to a working monastery and traditional water village. Today is a day for relaxing on the beach, going for a swim or paddle along the coast. We will head back to Bang Bao tonight for a calm anchorage and dinner ashore at the Beach Resort

Koh Kut North

Working our way north (weather permitting) you will relish life onboard your luxury yacht.

We’ll sail up the mostly uninhabited eastern shore of Koh Kut to it’s two small fishing villages tucked into their own bays and on to Koh Mak for a protected anchorage. Dinner onboard.

Exploring the smaller islands

Exploring the smaller islands of the Koh Lao group, Koh Ngam, Koh Maisi Lek, Koh Maisi Yai and Koh Bai Dang is made easier with our shallow draft and speed giving us the ability to get to more places faster.

Around these islands there is good fishing for grouper. Today we will island hop and stay overnight at the island which gives the most protection from any winds and swell.

Dinner onboard.

Koh Chang Island

The western shore of Koh Chang is a hustle compared to the outer islands.

To ease you back to next phase of your journey we spend some time navigating around Koh Chang with an optional stop in Bang Bao for some retail therapy and maybe lunch and onto Chai Chet near Klong Proa.

The river is lined with many restaurants and resorts and beautifully lit at night. You can explore the river and a waterfall upstream, see the elephants on the beach at Kai Bae for their morning walk or take a ride.

Enjoy a mango shake for sunset on shore before indulging in one of the many restaurants on this side of the island.


Have a leisurely morning aboard the boat gathering your gear and your memories.

We’ll prepare a hearty breakfast to get you ready for reality as we sail back to the base in Slakphet.

tailor made

In Bat-o-Bleu we know best that everyone is different which is why we will do our best to create a program which will mark your visit as a trip you will never forget. Thailand is a very open country, especially for the tourists, with outstandingly rich culture. That is why you will never run out of ways to spend your time in interesting manner, in which we will help you with pleasure!

No matter if you would choose the surroundings of the island of Koh Samui or the Koh Chang archipelago, perfect conditions for sailing and relax are waiting for you. Thailand has not only a beautiful mainland, but also numerous paradise islands, from which every island is truly unique. Would you like to see them all?

Perhaps you prefer to stay in your favourite place and make a clean brake while snorkeling, fishing and tasting the world-famous thai food? You necessarily need to let us know and we will prepare a special program which will fulfill all your needs and expectations.

Mission Cambodia!

If you decide to take the northern trail and visit the Koh Chang archipelago, you will find yourself just a few steps away from the ancient Angkor Wat temples – the remains of the capital of Khmer Empire raised for the Wisznu god. A walk around these monumental buildings is an unforgettable experience. In the nearby Siem Reap you will be able to experience the urban life and go shopping in Angkor Night Market. It will be our pleasure to take you there!

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