Five reasons to visit the Seychelles

  • Notwithstanding media exposure of celebrities visiting the Seychelles – Hollywood actors Brad Pitt and Angela Jolie, British Prince William and Kate to name a few – the archipelago remains one of most exclusive destinations in the world. Untill recent only for the rich and famous, now made affordable by Bat-O-Bleu !
  • If you’re looking for pristine and untouched nature, Robinson-like beaches and magnificent marine life, you are at the right place. Even the most seasoned travellers will be amazed by the abundance and diversity of the native fauna and flora of the Seychelles.
  • Seychelles enjoy a tropical and sunny climate all year round which allows us to escape our long and dark winters. The short sailing distances between the islands are ideal to divide your time between on board life and on land excursions.
  • Seychelles is renowned for its Creole hospitality, cuisine and safe environment. Compared to mainland Africa and Europe, there is hardly any crime or violence, nor diseases like malaria etc. Did you know that untill recent, the inhabitants of Praslin and La Digue left their house keys in their doors when going out ?
  • Travelling overseas can be tiresome. Not so when travelling to the Seychelles. Thanks to minimal time difference with Europe (CET +2/+3h), there are no jetlag or adaptation problems. Just touch down and enjoy !

Welcome to the Seychelles, welcome to paradise!

The Seychelles are scattered over the Western Indian Ocean, at a latitude between 4° and 10° South. The island group covers a wide oceanic area of +/- 400,000 km2. They are made up of 115 islands, just 20 of which are inhabited with a total land area of 450 km2. The main island of Mahe, with the capital Victoria, is at practically equal distance from the continents surrounding the Indian Ocean. It is 1600 km from the mainland of Africa, India and Madagascar..

The isolated location in the middle of the ocean lends the island group its unique landscape and vegetation. Plants, trees and animals were able to adapt over millennia to the islands’ conditions and climate and created the distinctive tropical flora and fauna of the Seychelles. 90% of the Seychelles is a National Park, ideal for pure eco-tourism. The island group enjoys a tropical climate without cyclones all year round.

Tell people you are going to the Seychelles, and their eyes light up. Pictures of white beaches, a bright blue sea and a hammock between two palm trees are conjured up. The Seychelles deserve that heavenly image of a carefree holiday destination. In the top 10 of nicest beaches in the world, you will find 5 in the Seychelles. And there’s more to it than just sun, sea and sand

Food-wise all tastes are catered for and the authentic Creole kitchen comes highly recommended. You can also go island hopping in a catamaran. All water sports are available and if you are the more adventurous type you can go on an organised mountain walk and discover the unique fauna. Cultural excursions cannot be missing from the itinerary of course.

Archipelago of 115 islands

The Inner Islands are near the main islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue which are the cultural and economic centre of the Seychelles, as well as the centre of Seychellois tourism. Almost the entire Seychellois population lives on these islands and it is also where you find most of the accommodation. In all, there are 43 Inner islands, 41 of which granite islands and 2 coral islands.

The Outer Islands comprise 72 islands. They are located between 230 km and 1150 km from the main island of Mahé. These fantastic miniature worlds, some of which are not much bigger than a pile of sand or rock and their unspoilt nature, are an ideal place to sail, fish and dive where few have gone before. Just 2 islands, Alphonse and Desroches, have accommodation.

Select the island
Main islands:
  • Mahé
  • Praslin
  • La Digue
  • Bird Island
  • Cerf
  • Cousine
  • Denis Island
  • Frégate
  • North Island
  • Silhouette
  • Saint Anne
  • Anonyme
  • Aride
  • Conception
  • Cousin
  • Curieuse
  • Félicité
  • Grande Soeur
  • Petite Soeur
  • Round Island
  • African Banks
  • D'Arros
  • Desroches
  • Poivre Atoll
  • Remire
  • St. Joseph Atoll
  • Coetivy
  • Platte
  • Alphonse
  • Bijoutier
  • St. François
  • Aldabra Atoll
  • Assumption
  • Astove
  • Cosmoledo Atoll
  • Farquhar Atoll
  • Providence Atoll

Temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees all year round!

The Seychelles have a tropical climate with temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees all year round. Humidity is 80% but you hardly feel it thanks to the refreshing breeze blowing over the islands. The water temperature also fluctuates between 25 and 30 degrees. The year is divided into 2 main seasons, referred to as the Northwest and Southeast monsoons, with 2 short inter-monsoon periods.

Southeast monsoon: May to October

  • dry
  • strong South-easterly wind
  • slightly rougher seas
  • cloudy intervals and light showers

Pre-Northwest monsoon: November

  • warm
  • the wind turns from the South-east to the North-west
  • showers are possible
  • calm sea

Nortwest monsoon: December to March

  • warm, slightly more chance of showers in December and January
  • chiefly a North-westerly wind
  • longer showers are possible
  • calm to moderate sea

Pre-Southeast monsoon: April

  • warm and no wind
  • the wind turns from the North-west to the South-east
  • showers are possible
  • calm sea

The Seychelles are therefore the ideal holiday destination all year round. Short showers keep the islands lush and tropical. If it’s raining on one side, it is dry on the other side of the island.

Chef on board ? Your choice

Seychelles is famous for its Creole cuisine and so is Bat-O-Bleu. Why not choose to have your own private cook on board? Our Creole chef will pamper you…

A selection of the possibilities along the way…

Salads and Hors d’oeuvres

  • Creole calamares salad
  • Smoked marlin marinated in (fresh) lemon juice
  • Avocado salad with passion fruit
  • Green mango salad
  • Aubergines with tomato chutney
  • Raw marinated tuna with garlic and saffron
  • Breadfruit salad
  • King-size prawns and pineapple salad
  • Pumpkin salad
  • Salad with green beans and papaya

Main courses

  • Sautéed Seychellois fish with (fresh) lemon juice
  • Tuna skewer with tomatoes
  • Creole chicken curry with coconut and papaya
  • Fish curry with coconut and aubergine
  • Spicy chicken
  • Grilled fish
  • Sautéed beef with local spinach
  • Deep-fried fish
  • Prawns with garlick
  • Grilled chicken skewer


  • Coconut nougat
  • Passion fruit bavarois
  • Papaya taart
  • Coconut cake
  • Banana fritters with honey
  • Tropical fruit with whipped cream
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Fresh fruit


  • Bacon/Ham
  • Eggs (boiled, scrambled, fried)
  • Yoghurt
  • Toast
  • Butter
  • Jam
  • Cheese
  • Fresh fruit
  • Fruit juice
  • Tea
  • Coffee

Special personal wishes can be catered for.

Some practical info you need to know

Our base

We are based in Eden Island Marina on the island of Mahe, not far from the capital Victoria. You are picked up at the airport and in no time you are welcomed aboard. Our crew will brief you personally.


The Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) is 10 km to the south of the capital Victoria and the island of Mahe. It has 2 terminals (for domestic and international flights), a couple of shops, including tax-free shops, banks, exchange offices, a car rental, restaurants and bars.

International passport

A valid international passport (valid for at least 6 months upon return) and a return ticket are sufficient to be allowed to Seychellois territory. A visa is not required. You need to be able to prove that you have an accommodation booking and sufficient financial means.

Credit cards

In almost all shops you can pay with Visa or American Express. Other credit cards, such as MasterCard, Diners Club, … are not as popular.

Local currency (currency fluctuations are possible)

Seychelles Rupee (SRC). 1 euro = 18 SRC. You can also pay in € or $. On arrival you can go to one of the banks at the airport.


Arriving travellers are allowed to bring in 200 cigarettes or 250g of tobacco, 2 litres of alcohol or wine, 200 ml perfume or Eau de Toilette and other non-commercial goods for a maximum amount of 3000 Sr


240 volt AC , 50 Hz


The Seychelles have 2 mobile networks: Airtel (Telecom) and Cable and Wireless. A tri-band is sufficient.


Creole, English and French


The country code is 248


Depending on our summer or winter time the time zone can vary between GMT +3 or GMT +4. The Seychelles do not have summer or winter time.


Service is included in most purchases (restaurants, hotels, taxis, etc…) (between 5% and 10%). Extra tipping is entirely at your discretion.

Programs in Seychelles

Mission Kenya!

If you would like to mix a blissful relax in Seychellois paradise and discover wild animals such as giraffes, leopards or elephants you could not find anything better. In Kenya we invite you to a safari during which your adrenaline level will go through the roof! It will be our pleasure to take you there, as long as you’re brave enough…

Our suggestion is 8 days Kenia Safari + 7 days Seychelles sailing.

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