Why not combining 2 destinations and live the dream? Spend few days in Kenia, exploring wild life and staying in remote tent camps or visit legendary Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia and meet Supreme Being Wishnu! At Bat-O-Bleu we don't believe in off the shelf programs. Our trips don't only target people who like to sail. Each customer is unique and so is his program...

Safari in Kenya

If you would like to mix a blissful relax in Seychellois paradise and discover wild animals such as giraffes, leopards or elephants you could not find anything better. In Kenya we invite you to a safari during which your adrenaline level will go through the roof! It will be our pleasure to take you there, as long as you’re brave enough…

Possible in combination with Seychelles. Our suggestion is 8 days Kenia Safari + 7 days Seychelles sailing.


Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia

If you decide to take the northern trail and visit the Koh Chang archipelago, you will find yourself just a few steps away from the ancient Angkor Wat temples – the remains of the capital of Khmer Empire raised for the Wisznu god. A walk around these monumental buildings is an unforgettable experience. In the nearby Siem Reap you will be able to experience the urban life and go shopping in Angkor Night Market. It will be our pleasure to take you there!

Possible in combination with Thailand. Our suggestion is 7 days Thailand sailing + 4 days in Cambodia.


Many faces of Oman

Oman is a beautiful, exotic country which will surprise you with abundance of landscapes, great cuisine and hospitality of the citizens. Three geographic characteristics distinguishing Oman are rocky terrains, extensive deserts and gorgeous long beaches. Owing to this diverse landscape it is a wonderful place, perfect for sailing and experiencing the adventure of a lifetime.

Our suggestion is 5 days Oman sailing + 5 days Oman land tour.


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